Franze & Evans, Redchurch St

First things first, in my opinion this place has the most beautiful food counter in Shoreditch. While I appreciate that’s quite a statement – it’s an honest one. Stunning cakes, muffins, bite-size beauts, croissants and pastries adorn the counter. They’re beautifully decorated, they’re unpredictable and they are mouthwateringly attractive. They sit deservedly high, on thrones of cake stands and under beautiful protective glass dome cases. Good job as it stopped me from nose-diving the carrot cake (and face-planting the icing-sugar dusted almond croissants).

Invited in to try a hearty, warming winter lunch, I was actually thankful for the direction. I sat down to a hot plate of homemade Lamb Stew and Rice, and it felt like a bear-hug of a lunch. Sunday-afternoon-feeling comfort food, the kind you daydream about when you’re hung-over; full of vegetables, the lamb was tender, the sauce was rich and tasty. You know sometimes you just want dinner for lunch? Sometimes you’re just too cold for a sarnie and just so hungry you want to feel stuffed? Franze & Evans delivered, I genuinely felt that stew healed me. If you don’t go to be comforted, go to be impressed by their cake counter. I challenge you not to drool.


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