Thai & Lao Street Food

Thai & Lao Street Food, Boxpark

Ever wanted something fresh and zingy, not a sandwich, not a grease fest in a box with some noodles and definitely not a take-out?
Although Thai & Lao Street Food do serve the hot lunch variety (need to go back on Fat Fridays) I was after something particular.
Lao Fresh Spring rolls, (the non deep-fried variety) basically consists of white vermicelli noodles, crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh coriander and juicy prawns all wrapped up in rice paper ready for your dunking pleasure into a vat of sweet chilli sauce. Healthy right? £2 each,  and I really really wish I ordered several…
Really good as a light bite alternative (and perfect as a snack.) And they’re prepared ready for snatching on their counter. Fast food and healthy? Hoorah.
It had me yearning for the rest of the culinary delights of Laos…

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