Simply Fish, Boxpark

It doesn’t take much persuasion to get me to Boxpark on a sunny lunchtime. Great spot to soak up some rays and a friendly buzzing atmosphere, particularly on a Friday.

“Simply Fish, an exciting new, accessible and affordable eatery in the heart of hip Shoreditch. As our name implies, we are all about seriously fresh (and sustainable) fish and seafood, with the latest catch delivered daily from our very own merchants in Looe, Cornwall.”

For £7 a decent sized box is filled with a generous portion of chips, battered cod and minty peas. If I’m honest, I’d probably prefer a smaller portion for £5 but for those wanting a dinner sized portion its great value for money. The chips were tasty, not overly greasy and lightly seasoned. The batter, though I’m not a huge fan of deep fried foods was surprisingly lightweight and crisp. Minty peas divided opinion in the office – I loved them. DIfferent to the usual mushy sloppiness, these were crushed peas (a tad dry) but with generous smatterings of mint. I thought it was a really good alternative that sliced through the stodge and fat from the rest.

Best tip? Good “Team Lunch” option as the boxes transport well. Careful of the Food Coma…heavy carbs means a sleepy afternoon.


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