Cargo, Rivington St

Under the railway arches, opposite Ben Eine’s infamous graffitied word “SCARY”, you’ll find a dark and intriguing doorway. This leads (darker still) into a bar/come club/come underground-feel venue. Its Shoreditchy-cool, it epitomises its surroundings. It’s urban, its has a historical feel, its uncommercial and rough around the edges. To add to its allure, not only did this place already have bucket loads of character, outside boasts a large seating area, fit with multicoloured graffitied walls (Banksy is among the credits) and a huge BBQ pit. This place is the first place I’m heading to this summer.

Early Friday evening, the place started to fill with punters. We were lucky to grab seats when we arrived. The staff offered table service and although several had not the strongest level of English their beaming smiles more than made up for it. I wasnt exactly here to trial the menu or even expect particularly good food. The purpose was more for stomach-lining purposes, but then again thats often what most people want after work on a Friday.

We ordered the “HUMMUS BEIRUTY (V)  Hummus with hot pepper, Lebanese tabouleh, betroot & chickpeas Mediterranean salad. Served with naan bread.” which was a very reasonable £8. We were massively surprised when it arrived, far larger than the Small Plate had implied… this was also a colourful and really inviting plate. Absolutely perfect to share for 2 x people or 3 x pecking small people. Biggest shock… the Tabouleh was genuinely amazing. We scoffed the plate, thrilled with price, service, quantity and taste.

If you’re not in the mood for restaurant dining and just need something a little more substantial than a pub crisps, head to Cargo.

Next time I’m the Cargo Grand Platter….

83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY



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