Engine Hot Dogs, Shoreditch High St

Hot dogs and grilled sandwiches served from within a 1959 Citroën fire engine – what’s not to like? Admittedly they’re not always based inside the gravelled trendy area known as Hackney House (look out for the red facade a few doors down from Tesco). But if you do spot them, make sure you sample there treats as they’re a reasonably priced (£5 for a giant hot dog) they also serve interesting and original inventions and not to forget the beaming smiles and a bit-o-banter they offer whilst you wait.

I ordered the “Yoshi Dog” a Japanese style beef dog with sweet takoyaki sauce (I sense this is the ketchup replacement) crispy onions, wasabi mayo (next time im asking for more of this as there wasnt as much heat as I was craving) and delicately decorated with long shafts of shredded seaweed.

Totally not what I was expecting when I ventured out expecting to grab a cheap sarnie from Tesco’s – the slight detour was well worth it, as was trying something new.

Long live the pop-up restaurant scene in Shoreditch…



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