Zigfrid, Hoxton Sq

Afterwork drinks sometimes calls for just a quick bite and nothing too flashy or expensive. That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to sacrifice on quality or tastiness. I may well have stumbled across the tastiest and best value-for-money Burger in Shoreditch… Zigfrid I salute you!

Situated on the bustling Hoxton Square, it names itself an “Art rock von roll gastro institution” which aptly sums up the joint. Its pretty cool, if not a little dark and was a nice and mellow place for a Wednesday drinking session. (Note to self to go back on a Friday night as I imagine it gets pretty messy-in-a-good way!)

We entered the restaurant in all honesty just on a whim and needing another drink and possibly a bowl of chips. We ordered wedges and sweet chilli and as a “top up” the “Baby Beef burger”. For £5 I was slightly concerned this might be bite-sized or an equivalent to a McDonalds Cheeseburger (ie. no salad, no sauce, no nothing) but it wasn’t, it was placed under my nose in a flash and I grinned. This, looked good. For a “Baby beef burger” it really was bloody good, the meat was really juicy and tender (and not overly greasy) lovely bap and a good amount of salad. Result.

I also walked around without my shoes on and no one told me off, I like Zigfrid. 🙂






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