Boundary Rooftop, Boundary St

Rooftop dining doesn’t come any chic-er than at The Boundary in Shoreditch. Think luxurious elegance, yet noticeably understated (in a Conran-sort-of-way.) High above the cobbled quirks and graffitied side alleys, sits plush cream cushions, multitudes of lush green foliage in smart pots and an undercover (a must in England) section of the restaurant, you cant help but get a little overexcited by the surroundings.

The staff are almost over-attentive and overtly cheery, within seconds I’m ushered to a table and handed a menu. The temperature outside was far from Mediterrenean yet the glass green house effect left me pleasantly thawing out in the sunshine but away from the April wind chill. How wonderful.

I ordered the Salad Nicoise (the started sized portion) though when it arrived its size was far from meek. Presentation was pretty, and the flavour  was so packed with punch it left my tastebuds believing I was sat on the Cote d’azure itself.

The sun beamed through high windows, the light awakening me from the deep hibernation I feel I’ve been in for far longer than  a healthy time. I think sitting there surely topped up my vitamin D deficiency?

Though sunshine can never be guaranteed this summer, a warm service, great view and fab food will be. Just be prepared to queue for a very long time if the sun is shining. (The receptionist told me starting from midday in the summer!).

Zoe Allen @eatshoreditch



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