Tramshed, Rivington St

First things first, try not to let your draw drop at the site of Damien Hirst’s giant ‘Cock and Bull’ artwork sitting 4 metres above The Tramshed’s diners. For those that don’t know, 2012 saw Hirst install a preserved Hereford cow and cockerel in a formaldehyde filled glass tank, (don’t ask.) The Tramshed is simple, they serve only Chicken & Steak (with seasonal sharing platters available and a varying dessert menu).

As you’re shown to the table, prepare for jaw-drop number 2. Entire chickens unusually displayed upturned and legs in the air, on huge wooden carving boards waft under your nose as waiters and waitress rush around spinning on heels to serve the bustling floor of carnivorous, ravenous diners.

Oh, and then there’s the steak. Whole hunks of beefs, juices dripping and glistening under the glowing restaurant nights. This place is buzzing. People must really really love steak here, and chicken. I’m salivating at the thought of this being delivered to our table in mere minutes.

The Tramshed did not disappoint. The honest, brazen and almost neanderthal approach to meat and its presentation was entertaining – and why shouldn’t food be a performance? But let us not be mistaken with theatrical food that didnt doesnt deliver, The Tramshed delivered on taste and quality too. Genuinely excellent steak, juicy tender chicken and very very good fries.

Biggest suprise? Their Apple Pie was the best I have ever eaten, I just wish they gave me a gallon of custard to go with it.

I’m still dreaming of this place…

Zoe Allen @eatshoreditch


2 thoughts on “Tramshed, Rivington St

  1. I can vouch for the steak sandwich! I went there for a work day lunch meeting and it was amazing. Maybe even the best steak sandwich I’ve ever had….great ciabatta roll, tasty sauce, lightly fried onion rings (I could have eaten a bowl). Not too heavy, really simple and delicious.

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