Bill’s, Hoxton Square

Fat bang on the SW corner of Hoxton Square, sits the recently opened Bill’s restaurant. It’s early on a sunny Monday evening and the square is packed out with hipster Shoredites sitting on the sun scorched patchy grass and lolling about in the warm evening sunshine.

The outside terrace sits a few steps up from street level and boasts a secluded area fit with trendy hanging lights, interesting foliage and huge bunches of chilli’s hanging in dotted clusters all over the place. It’s quirky but elegantly understated. Inside is a similar affair, beautiful sun-bleached interiors, original decor and a bright and airy welcoming space. Its informal and the staff were believably friendly and up-beat. I ordered one of the specials “Hot smoked salmon and roasted beetroot salad with pomegranate, chive and crème frâiche dressing” at a reasonable £7.65. It was decent sized portion, and beautiful flavours really packed a punch. The waitress later told us it had been the most popular item on the menu, and I’m not surprised – it really was very very good. The salmon was so delicately cooked, far from overpowering or dry. The roasted beetroot and pomegranate was the added fruity sweetness and the chive and creme fraiche dressing was light and refreshing. For anyone that says “you don’t make friends with salad” – I’m sending you here SuperFast Special Delivery.

PS. My attempt at healthiness later resulted with ordering the Creme Brulee which is also a MUST. This is the first time I’ve ordered a Creme Brulee that wasn’t in a tiny ramekin, this was so big I could’ve face-planted the dessert and ended up with it in my hair. Seriously – hands up to the Chef that make head sized portions of stunning french desserts. It took me a week to run off the excess calories, but my god it was worth it.

Bill’s Restaurant promises “FRESH, SEASONAL, SMILE-ON-YOUR-FACE FOOD” I agree.

1 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU 020 7739 7689

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