Slate Coffee, Curtain Rd

Cute and characterful Cafe based on the infamous Curtain Road.

This relatively new cafe is certainly causing a stir amongst the local coffee fanatics (and there are a lot of you!). Serving coffee made from the infamous Allpress Coffee beans, this lovely little haunt not only boasts uber trendy interiors, graffed up artwork emblazoned on the walls and quirky Plumen light bulbs drooping from the ceiling – they also have an fabulous mix of healthy (and not so healthy) treats to cater for any foodie tastes.

The health-freaks will be leaping for joy over one of the very few places to offer freshly made smoothies with tempting liver-cleansing detoxing ingredients (Acai, Orange & Ginger for example) at a reasonable £3.50. Then there’s the food, displayed (of course) on slabs of Slate this is a foodie heaven, displayed with witty labels I had to be physically restrained from Instagramming the hell out of that food stand.

For a real idea of carb-fest food porn, check out their Facebook Page, you’ll be drawling over heavily packed, healthy yet substantial sandwiches like a Salmon & Avocado or hangover curing sourdough bacon butties, or pastrami, cheese and mayo, this really is a ruddy good place for a decent lunchtime feed.

Don’t get me started on the cakes… pastries galore, cookies, banana breads, yoghurt pots – and wait for it – Macaroons. This place has it all.

Remember to Tweet @eatshoreditch and @slate_coffee when you do!

96 Curtain road, Hoxton, EC2 London, United Kingdom 020 3620 6980 Good eats, beats and happy days…the roast is on!


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