Burro e Salvia, Redchurch St

This elegant and simple little Italian is just one of a few dining options on Shoreditch’s Redchurch Street.

The counter doubles as a display unit for a beautiful selection of home-made fresh pastas, including a variety of pretty little squares of ravioli and various tubs of fresh pasta sauces and even packaged lasagne.

They also sell a small but decent selection of Italian treats, like top quality olive oil and pasta/cheese sauces. It’s not particularly clear when you first walk in that this is more than an Italian delicatessen, but towards the back is the small restaurant seating area.

I ordered the Passatelli, Verza a Salsiccia Luganica (Passatelli with Savoy and Luganica sausage), which was incredibly tasty in filling, and the pasta beautifully light. Drizzled with olive oil and a scattering of Parmegiano, this was a really gorgeous and light lunch. Mains cost between £9-£12 which for the quality of the meal and a light dinner is reasonable, but probably a lot more than what you’d want to spend on lunch, especially as the portions weren’t particularly large.

Although Burro e Salvia serves excellent quality fresh pasta, I’d be more inclined to buy the homemade ravioli to cook at home for dinner than spend £10 on lunch in a slightly cramped seating area.

Worth trying, but I wont be a regular based on the prices.



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