Pieminster, Boxpark

Who ate all the pies? Me.

Cold, damp, rainy day? Hungover/depressed? Hungry for some proper comfort food? Any excuse will do – these pies are really really good. The infamous ‘mothership’ (a pie from the range with all the sides topped with crispy shallots and cheddar cheese) will cost £7.50 and a hot pie with gravy is £4.25. There’s a fabulously long list of pies from traditional meat and gravy types, to more adventurous wonders. Several vegetarian options (the Heidi pie is divine – goats cheese, sweet potato, red onion and roasted garlic), a few creamy alternatives (Wildshroom: wild and portobello mushrooms with asparagus and white wine sauce) and lots and lots of gravy option (Shamrock: British beef steak with Guiness gravy in lovely pastry). You can tell I’m happily making my way through the list. Lets hope there’s enough rainy days to warrant a visit.

Generous portions, excellent value, gorgeous pies, delicious sides. My only complaint is the awkward boxes they come in makes access upsettingly hard. Solution? Run back to office and empty onto a plate.

Oh and prepare for the carb effect, this lunchtime post-food coma will be bad.


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