Bunnychow, Boxpark

What is Bunnychow?!

“Shaking up lunchtime rituals all the way from South Africa, bunnychow is the latest craze in casual dining. Putting the bun in ‘bunny’ – these filled loafs pack a big-hitting flavour punch – no lunchbox required. Legend has it, the bunnychow was discovered in 1940s Durban, when Indian sugar workers were looking for something sturdier than rotis to carry their lunch from pot to plantation. One bright spark hollowed out a loaf of bread, filled it with a tasty curry and the ‘bunny’ was born! bunnychow then brought this South African stable to the streets of London with their famous food truck and sent the capital into bunny mania!”

I ordered the “Monkey Gland – Meatballs smothered in South African monkey gland sauce”. I later realised I missed a vital piece of information about this – the clue being the two red chilli symbols next to the name and yes this did come back to haunt me.

Packaging gets 10 points, really original, inventive and interesting.  A great trademark they should definitely capitalise on. The square shaped loaf was filled with a steamy meatball stew. It smelt incredible. Rich tomatoey sauce, and the heavenly smell of meatballs – I was drawling by this point.

The bread was slightly disappointing. Although it held the sauce really nicely, (I suppose that is the priority), it seemed a little dry. The sauce was very tasty, but as a warning to anyone sensitive to spice, this was laced with a lot of chopped chilli’s. I’m not particularly sensitive to chilli, but there were soon tears continuously rolling down my cheeks.

This place feels more like the novelty value than a place I’m likely to frequent. That said, on a cold and rainy day if you’re in need or a quick and practical way of feeling like you’ve had a hot meal – this is a winner. Reasonably priced for a team lunch treat on a Friday, probably a bit expensive to make a regular.



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