Falafelicious, Boxpark

First things first, this place needs a loyalty card scheme, and a refer a friend discount. Few places have generated as much of a stir as this one. Getting the all important taste/price/healthiness ratio is a tough task, yet its so effortlessly achieved – my boss nearly named his newborn baby Falafel.

Whoever said you don’t make friends with salad hasn’t come to Falafelicious. A modest unit in Boxpark, the staff are warm, smiling fellows and the counter is easy to work out what’s on offer. A few varieties including white/brown pita filled falafel and salad, or a salad box option or salad even without the falafel. The assistant warms the pita, then its filled with the top counter salad mostly leaves, hummus etc and then several cute little falafels are nestled into bed. She passes to you on a neat napkin and then its off to the salad counter which is where the fun really begins. A long table is adorned with over a dozen bowls filled to the rim with different pickles, salads and creamy salady goodness. If I had to make a suggestion its for the bowls to have the traditional names followed by a description of whats inside. Not only useful for allergy/spice sensitive folk but also for intrigued foodies that want to know whats in these troughs of heaven!

Bright pinky purple red cabbage, green chilli paste, tahini, fried cubes of aubergine or babaganoush, shredded carrot, pickles, olives. Multicoloured, superfood goodness. I’m getting my veg quota for the week in this place.



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